Źródło: EMI
Castle, CBS, Cheapskate, Fontana, Polydor, RCA, Warner Brothers


Crackers - Slade Crackers 1994 Produkt polecany CD  
You Boyz Make Big Noize - Slade You Boyz Make Big Noize 1987 Produkt polecany CD  
Rogues Gallery - Slade Rogues Gallery 1985 Produkt polecany CD  
Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply - Slade Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply 1984 Produkt polecany CD  
Slade'S Greatz - Slade Slade'S Greatz 1984   CD  
Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome - Slade Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome 1983 Produkt polecany CD  
Slade On Stage - Slade Slade On Stage 1982 Produkt polecany CD  
We'Ll Bring The House Down - Slade We'Ll Bring The House Down 1981   CD  
Till Deaf Do Us Part - Slade Till Deaf Do Us Part 1981   CD  
Slade Smashes - Slade Slade Smashes 1980   CD  
Return To Base - Slade Return To Base 1979   CD  
Slade Alive, Vol. 2 - Slade Slade Alive, Vol. 2 1978 Produkt polecany CD  
Whatever Happened To Slade? - Slade Whatever Happened To Slade? 1977   CD  
Nobody'S Fools - Slade Nobody'S Fools 1976 Produkt polecany CD  
Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet - Slade Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet 1974   CD  
Old New Borrowed And Blue - Slade Old New Borrowed And Blue 1974   CD  
In Flame - Slade In Flame 1974 Produkt polecany CD  
Slade Alive! - Slade Slade Alive! 1972 Produkt polecany CD  
Slayed? - Slade Slayed? 1972 Produkt polecany CD  
Play It Loud - Slade Play It Loud 1970 Produkt polecany CD  


Feel The Noize - Greatest Hits -Slidepac - Slade Feel The Noize - Greatest Hits -Slidepac 2006 Produkt polecany CD  
Feel The Noize: The Very Best Of Slade - Slade Feel The Noize: The Very Best Of Slade 1997   CD  
Wall Of Hits - Slade Wall Of Hits 1994 Produkt polecany CD  
Sladest - Slade Sladest 1973 Produkt polecany CD  

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