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Simon Gallup
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GpSGw8jvpf [2015-07-28] Awesome. I was a huge fan of Meha Shamayim in their short lifespan. Roman defeiitnly has that folky, Tennessee sound. Brings fresh sounds to the Messianic music genre.Just bought the album, looking forward to it. http: //qjqyjjanttr. com [url=http: //belxhwlmfu. [spam!] [link=http: //kclaea. com]kclaea[/link]
OndNtei1g1cb [2015-07-26] The political head of any niaton is a reflection of that niaton. And since Obama came to office the question for those opposing him and believing iss that he is the worst ever etc, is what does that say about you as a niaton?Where were the supposed saviours, the Republicans, the Party that fully enabled the American decline bacck in 2001?They were voting for deficts, massive government spending and as long as they got their wishes, never opposed anythng.Where were these Republicans when Obamacare was enabled? They talked the talk in cases, but the walk they walked was no fillibuster and Obamacare was effectively not opposed.Itis no different from what the Democrats did when the United States went into Iraq. The Dems talked the talk, but they did not oppose the lack of debate and they supported it when the vote came.And now you people pretend that the Republicans are the saviours? When there is not even an electable candidate? Thats laughable.Without campaigning and taking the hits as all presidents do, for current events, Obama is at the worst polls a couple of percentage points within his opponents.You all witnessed Obama on teh campaign trail. You have seen how awkward Perry is and that currently he is losing straw poll after straw poll that the GOP votes. Or Romney, almost as awkward and with a very staid repertoire.And you believe that come the serious campaign and election time, Obama will be beaten?Thats called wishful thinking, the same sort that had teh Democrats wondering just HOW Bush was re-elected.Lastly, it is always the people with healthcare coverage who champion the free market . It does not exist in America.The private healthcare system in America is an elite system. And the system in America is one where there are tens of millions of Americans that have no healthcare coverage.All modern niatons cover all their people. And for those who think socialized medicine does not work and al the other rubbish, just take a look at Israel, at France, At England, att Germany, at teh Netherlands and so on.Do you know that recently when Ihad to go to the Rambam emergency for my elbow infection, I was admitted, had blood tests done, had x-rays and was preppred for surgery within 2 hours of arriving there.Within five hours I had had the operation which lasted about an hour, and was in the [ciach!] ward where I had three days of IV anti-biotic infusion.And all I had to do was produce a card that costs about $50 per month. The same anti-biotics, not generics either, that I had to take post my stay at Rambam, and would coost me over $100 WITH medical coverage, cost me an equivalent $8 in Israel.And the attention, and efficciency and attitude was superb.America has a broken system. It has a system that has massive socialized parts such as MedicAid and Medicare and the most expensive private system in the world.In between are the tens of millions of people with nothing or almost nothing.And at least Obama did something.Where have all these conservative God fearing Christians been or are? Do they believe that in heaven God would ask them if they stood for the free market ? Or whether why they allowed tens of millions of their fellow Americans to gowithout healthcare coverage because of [ciach!] ?You know the answer.
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