Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
1996-11-16 VHS / 1 szt. 0780063914635 Dvd&Video brak danych Universal Music rock
1. Darling Pretty      
2. Walk Of Life      
3. Imelda      
4. Father And Son      
5. Golden Heart      
6. Rüdiger      
7. Cannibals      
8. Je Suis Désolé      
9. Last Exit To Brooklyn      
10. Romeo And Juliet      
11. Done With Bonaparte      
12. A Night In Summer Long Ago      
13. Brothers In Arms      
14. Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero      
15. Are We In Trouble Now      
16. Gravy Train      
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bBHIGLmBGcDR Zv [2012-03-16] 8VLk8X
qjkALLcXDSBZ EdRWtTg [2012-03-15] Bless your soul for writing about this guy. There are so many true, great arsitts out there that never make it big enough to be widely known. Willy DeVille is certainly one of them. One of those arsitts behind all the arsitts we love, inspiring them, fueling them.
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