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Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
2006-08-30 DVD / 1 szt. 0602498406014 Dvd&Video brak danych Universal Music rock
1. Darling Pretty - Stereo      
2. Walk of Life - Stereo      
3. Imelda - Stereo      
4. Father and Son - Stereo      
5. Golden Heart - Stereo      
6. Rudiger - Stereo      
7. Cannibals - Stereo      
8. Je Suis Desole - Stereo      
9. Last Exit to Brooklyn - Stereo      
10. Romeo and Juliet - Stereo      
11. Done with Bonaparte - Stereo      
12. A Night in Summer Long Ago - Stereo      
13. Brothers in Arms - Stereo      
14. Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero - Stereo      
15. Are We in Trouble Now? - Stereo      
16. Gravy Train - Stereo      
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8rRlyfv9a [2013-10-06] Nice song Mark. (Are the lyrics sermwheoe?) Sounds a bit low (though A is a nice key!) Would you record it higher in Bb? Does mean singing a D, but there's plenty of build up to it. G# a bit low for most.Only other thing is intuitively I went for the tonic on name at beginning of chorus so felt a bit let down by the F#. but I suspect if you put the whole thing up a semitone higher it would feel OK. G feels like a bit of a turning point in terms of range maybe just for me. (Only felt let down the first time preferred it once I got used to it)Feel free to ignore all of that you probably just wanted a like/dislike comment! Love your work. http: //qqawwlzeurw. com [url=http: //bkbwakxf. com]bkbwakxf[/url] [link=http: //mjuiky. com]mjuiky[/link]
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q8gbpoq1pDf [2013-10-03] Susan, Your gifts to all of us out here is immeasurable. Thank you. I, too, have a bird tree I leave up all year and only turn on the lgthis in December. My mom was a serious birder, I have become one and so has my daughter. Neither Mom nor daughter craft. I am a fiber artist that can't draw but sculpt easily in 3d. I have been making needlefelted birds and they sell as fast as I can turn them out. I charge little, just enough to go buy more wool. If you visit my facebook page and look at my photos you will see my stuff and my photography of these birds I love so much. I belong to a grass roots, 15 year old nature center, all volunteer, 501c3 The Great Swamp Conservancy. A portion of all my bird sales goes to the GSC. Now [ciach!] and mostly chair bound I enjoy making small tree ornaments I can work on in my recliner. I went crazy this afternoon when I came across your Downeast thunder Farm site. What a wonderful life you paint in your blog. Try a birdbath with dripping water or a little falls to attract more song birds. When I was younger and owned a home I planned my yard for the birds. The sound and movement of the water falls/pool brought my fav the titmice, indigo buntings, even a red start to my yard. I live in up state, central NY near Syracuse in a city of 11, 000 people, right in the middle of town. I would be honored to share my 2 bird patterns I created for felt, as I stated in the suggestion box. Both were designed from photos I took of the birds. Just enlarged the photo and cut aroung the bird, made a template and cut and sewed the pieces together with a bith of embellishment. I would be delighted to hear from you. Barb Barker, Oneida, NY
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