Freeek! -Single Ltd

Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
2002-03-14 CD / 1 szt. 0731457068120 Singiel brak danych Universal Music pop
1. Freeek! 04:33    
2. Freeek! (The Scumfrogs Mix) 06:41    
3. Freeek! (Moogymen Mix) 08:29    
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siTxa5vM9O8k [2015-10-29] Hi All, I’m the “new” (didn’t say young!) kid in town. My “pen” name is Ronald S. Barak. I’ve been called worse, but my prfreered name is…Ron Barak.I’m the one who originally proposed this particular Roundtable discussion topic. It was then improved, considerably, by the early joinder and contributions of ITW members Dan Levy, Karen Dionne and Jenny Milchman.As both the new kid and…the originator, it seemed only appropriate that I hang back for a while, get the lay of the land and see what others would have to say. See how others would post comments and just what they would have to say. Now feels like a good time for me to offer some observations, and questions. In addition to an assumed ability to write and a strong work ethic, important qualities expressed so far include the following: Perseverance (not just patience) and flexibility—Karen; Jenny; Gary; ShaneCommunity (both among writers and readers—Jenny (quoting Dennis Lehane); MirandaIndustry business savvy—Miranda; Jenny I originally had in mind something in addition to the discussion comments posted so far. Paraphrased, my original proposal read in pertinent part “What accounts for significant breakthroughs today on the part of unbranded or unheralded authors? Assuming writing ability and work ethic on the part of all, what’s the difference between those who succeed—achieve that breakthrough—and those many more who don’t? Is it a special mentor, a well-connected agent or just good luck? Is there a demonstrable common thread among those who make it, and do so pretty quickly?” In contrast, the final post reads in pertinent part “For every successful writer, there are many more who tell a good story, pay their dues and work hard, but remain unpublished. What’s the difference between a successful author and the not-yet-published? Is it a well-connected mentor? An agent who can open doors? Sheer, dumb luck?” In the final version, “success” seems to have been equated with “published. ” Tacitly, “published” seems to exclude self-published. I admire and agree with Shane’s posted rejection of this definition, and what Shane instead offers as a measure of success. Having had the pleasure of speaking with David Morrell on a number of occasions, I think David would wholly endorse Shane’s definition of “success. ” I don’t think landing a publishing contract should be required to be a “successful writer. ” I would like take a few noteworthy examples of those who did and did not quickly break through and see what common threads we might find: Steve Berry, Vince Flynn, John Grisham and John Lescroart all tell the same story, toiling long and hard before anyone paid them…the time of day (or much of anything else). Does this mean their earlier efforts weren’t any good? Hardly! Consider John Grisham’s first novel, A TIME TO KILL, initially ignored by scores of agents and publishers. It was finally published by “indie” Wynwood Press (a limited printing of only 5, 000 copies). Only when his second, third and fourth novels, THE FIRM, THE PELICAN BRIEF and THE CLIENT, became runaway bestsellers, did Doubleday (hardback) and Dell Publishing (paperback) re-publish A TIME TO KILL, which then went on to become a huge bestseller—and a big time movie too. With the advantage of hindsight, many critics now feel A TIME TO KILL was among Grisham’s very best works. At last count, Vince Flynn now enjoys no less than 15 bestsellers. He had to self-publish his first book. To hear Steve Berry tell it, Steve may hold the record for the most query letter rejections at the outset of a career, at least a career that ultimately achieved bestseller status. John Lescroart tells a similar story of toiling in the fields for many years before finally becoming as well recognized and regarded as he is today, and has been for some time. Now consider Erin Morgenstern (THE NIGHT CIRCUS), Tea Obreht (THE TIGER’S WIFE) and Kathryn Stockett (THE HELP). The debut novel of each of these three writers was an overnight bestseller, certainly much quicker than Messrs. Berry, Flynn, Grisham and Lescroart became bestsellers. Take Ms. Morgenstern: She first looked for an agent in 2009, signed with an agent in May, 2010 and had a contract with Doubleday in September, 2010. And Ms. Obreht: In school at USC and Cornell through 2009, she was signed by Random House and had a bestselling debut novel in 2011, at age 25. Ms. Stockett was a bit slower out of the gates, rejected at first by some 45-60 agents (depending on whose account you read), but her debut novel was nevertheless very quickly a bestseller and also a blockbuster movie. So, how do we account for these differences? Consider these possibilities: 1. Could it be a gender thing? Was it simply their misfortune that Messrs. Berry, Flynn, Grisham and Lescroart were not born with different chromosomes? 2. How about the genre? Were thrillers just unappealing when our thriller brethren turned out their earlier works? 3. Is it perhaps best to be from Mississippi, like Ms. Stockett? Probably not because Mr. Grisham hails from Mississippi too. 4. How about a good agent? Ms. Morgenstern and Ms. Obreht signed with agents very quickly, right out of the blocks. No doubt, that was a major help in how they came to land publishing house deals so quickly. But doesn’t that beg the question? How did they get agents so quickly when so many others do not, including some whose rejected manuscripts ultimately attain very respectable numbers? Perhaps Ms. Obreht’s journey sheds some light on this. While earning an undergraduate writing degree at USC, she had the good fortune to be taught, and mentored, by experienced bestseller T.J. Boyle. Ms. Obreht was reportedly well into THE TIGER’S WIFE while she was still at USC. One can only speculate that perhaps Mr. Boyle [ciach!] open a door or two for Ms. Obreht. Why did Ms. Morgenstern, Ms. Obreht and Ms. Stockett get there so much quicker than Messrs. Berry, Flynn, Grisham and Lescroart? 5. Was it greater writing skills or a stronger work ethic? I doubt it. Was it just…plain, dumb luck? Possibly. However, I would put my money on some mentor or contact behind the scenes who went to bat and opened a door, or two, at the “right” place, and at the right time. Well, I’ve been hogging the spotlight here long enough, at least for now. Thank you all for [ciach!] in this discussion, and listening to what I’ve had to say. I hope many of you will take this opportunity to respond to my thoughts and questions. Thanks again! http: //ukniglekeud. com [url=http: //mweskjib. com]mweskjib[/url] [link=http: //nvxtup. com]nvxtup[/link]
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