Bee Gees Sing And Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs

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UPSuUkXmPo [2013-05-17] zuLuju
cCECQIDYuXiY [2013-05-16] Just a few words from two Gibb's songs which show how amazingly taeltned they were as songwriters. [spam!] really need to learn Cause we're living in a world of foolsBreaking us downWhen they all should let us beWe belong to you and meI believe in youYou know the door to my very soulYou're the light in my deepest darkest hourYou're my saviour when I fallAnd you may not thinkI care for youWhen you know down insideThat I really doAnd it's me you need to showHow Deep Is Your [spam!] when I met you there was peace unknownI set out to get you with a fine tooth combI was soft insideThere was something going onYou do something to me that I can't explainHold me closer and I feel no painEvery beat of my heartWe got something going onTender love is blindIt requires a dedicationAll this love we feel needs no conversationWe can ride it together , ah haMaking love with each other , ah haIslands in the streamThat is what we areNo one in betweenHow can we be wrongSail away with meTo another worldAnd we rely on each other, ah haFrom one lover to another, ah haI can't live without you if the love was goneEverything is nothing when you got no oneAnd you walk in the nightSlowly losing sight of the real thingBut that won't happen to us and we got no doubtToo deep in love and we got no way outAnd the message is clearThis could be the year for the real thingNo more will you cryBaby I will hurt you neverWe start and end as oneIn love foreverWe can ride it together , ah haMaking love with each other , ah [spam!] bye Robin, you will be missed
Kayoko Chang [2005-03-12] Ta płyta jest zjefajna, tak samo jak Bee Gees
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