Here At Last...Bee Gees...Live

Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
1977-05 CD / 1 szt. brak danych Album 01:24:12 brak danych pop
1. I've Gotta Get a Message to You 04:03    
2. Love So Right 04:48    
3. Edge of the Universe 05:15    
4. Come on Over 03:25    
5. Can't Keep a Good Man Down 04:48    
6. New York Mining Disaster 02:16    
7. Run to Me/World 02:33    
8. Holiday/I Can't See Anybody/I Started a... 07:15    
9. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? 03:45    
10. To Love Somebody 04:08    
11. You Should Be Dancing 09:22    
12. Boogie Child 05:02    
13. Down the Road 04:33    
14. Words 04:19    
15. Wind of Change 04:42    
16. Nights on Broadway 04:41    
17. Jive Talkin' 05:04    
18. Lonely Days 04:13    
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vLEAenkDEqsv E [2012-06-06] 87rjHX
MGpryBHSAtEB uEI [2012-06-06] I love this song, it seems to be a love it or hate it song, personally I think, what's not to like. I delniitefy was reminded of the Bee Gees when I first heard it, I've always enjoyed them. I turn into a ms. bobble head everytime I listen to it driving down the road with it cranked of course. Please email me the link to download this gem. Much thanks and appreciation.
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