Live At Star Club 1962, Vol. 2

Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
1977 CD / 1 szt. brak danych Składanka 24:23 brak danych rock
1. Roll over Beethoven 02:17    
2. Ask Me Why 02:33    
3. Lend Me Your Comb 01:53    
4. Where Have You Been All My Life 01:56    
5. A Taste of Honey 02:12    
6. I'm Talking About You 01:57    
7. Twist and Shout 02:13    
8. Red Sails in the Sunset 02:02    
9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over... 02:48    
10. Matchbox 02:39    
11. Long Tall Sally 01:53    
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oFXfxxaV [2012-03-18] TO #25 I completely agree, but i think it also has to do with icmmerocal success. If Jazmine had went at least gold she probably would have gotten at least one. However, India's first album went gold and she lost all her nominations. Its just another way for whites to profit off our music.. its been going on for decades now.
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