Greatest Hits (Deluxe Sound & Vision)

Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
2005-11-03 CD / 3 szt. 0602498125366 Składanka brak danych Universal Music rock
CD 1
1. Lullaby (remix)      
CD 2
1. Why I'm Here      
2. Love Song      
CD 3
1. Boys Don't Cry      
2. A Forest      
3. Let's Go to Bed      
4. The Walk      
5. The Lovecats      
6. In Between Days      
7. Close to Me      
8. Why Can't I Be You?      
9. Just Like Heaven      
10. Lullaby      
11. Never Enough      
12. High      
13. Friday I'm in Love      
14. Mint Car      
15. Wrong Number      
16. Cut Here      
17. Just Say Yes      
18. The Caterpillar      
19. Pictures of You      
20. Close to Me      
21. A Forest      
22. The Lovecats      
23. Close to Me      
24. Lullaby      
25. Friday I'm in Love      
26. Just Say Yes      
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YGp2fCwNl1 [2013-10-02] This was horribly put toeghter. I bought this video in a store very excited to see it and when I got it home and watched it it was a BIG disapointment. I am a die hard fan of the cure but this video was put out by someone who had never put toeghter videos before. All they did was take stuff right from the Staring at the sea video and the galore videos. You can tell because in the A Forest video you see a second of the 8mm film fotage beofre the video starts and the audience noise at the end. Very unprofessional. Also the new videos aren't great either. In Wrong Number, which was previously released on Galore, it looks like they have no idea what they are doing and have no ideas for a video but the song itself is horrible so I guess you might as well make a horrible video for a horrible song. Cut here the video is pretty cool, no complaints in this one but Just say yes looks very mediocre like they're just stumbling around not caring what the video looks like. The acoustic performance is great and Borris is back sitting in with them on percussion. One last thing I will say which was a huge downfall that made this video a disapointment is that the Lovesong, Just Like Heaven and a few other videos have the sound distorted. However they edited this they must have had the sound up all the way. I don't think the band put this video toeghter at all it's pretty bad. Don't waste your money go out and buy Staring at the sea, Picture show and Galore for the videos. Those videos are worth getting. Only get this if you are a completest like me.
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