Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
1969-01 CD / 1 szt. brak danych Album 01:04:02 brak danych pop
1. Odessa (City on the Black Sea) 07:33    
2. You'll Never See My Face Again 04:17    
3. Black Diamond 03:29    
4. Marley Purt Drive 04:26    
5. Edison 03:06    
6. Melody Fair 03:50    
7. Suddenly 02:30    
8. Whisper Whisper 03:25    
9. Lamplight 04:47    
10. Sound of Love 03:29    
11. Give Your Best 03:28    
12. Seven Seas Symphony 04:10    
13. With All Nations (International Anthem) 01:47    
14. I Laugh in Your Face 04:10    
15. Never Say Never Again 03:29    
16. First of May 02:50    
17. The British Opera 03:16    
Data wydania Nośnik Wytwórnia Numer EAN Tytuł wydania
1996 CD / 1 szt. Universal Music 0042282545121 Odessa
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j1RfuXtwL [2013-10-08] Autumn--I think that sounds fuubloas!The Bitch [ciach!] Cooking--They might not be Texas melons, but there are still some flavorful melons in the Northeast, usually at the farmers markets. Tasty Eats at Home--I've never had an Israeli melon, I'll have to keep my eyes out for those. Angela--Oh, gosh! You never see that here! I was in Luling last month and there was a ton! Sara--Yes! I will! So cooling on these hot days. The Glenns--I love that idea--so simple yet so good!Cookin' Mama--You're very welcome. Enjoy!Amie--Now that's good to know that tingly melon is just bad melon. It's not me it's the melon!The Fashionable Traveler--Nope, there's nothing like Pecos [spam!] to know about HEB expanding its base--such a great [spam!] very welcome!Kim--No problem, more for the rest of us! http: //zakvpp. com [url=http: //mnictix. com]mnictix[/url] [link=http: //mrlzyw. com]mrlzyw[/link]
tlLAAe7Wa7 [2013-10-06] Well, that's still hiring ploepe, and the right kind of ploepe. But ultimately companies that hire ploepe from Wharton operate under a different business model, and a different retention/HR model than companies that hire UT ploepe. One knows that its talent will leave every 2-3 years, the other knows it will have to invest more in developing their ploepe. Neither is better or worst, but a degree from Wharton and a degree from UT serves a different job, to different customers. (and I'd hate to pick on UT or anyone else, but just for argument's sake)And that was my point; there is no such a thing as a "college degree" anymore than there is such a thing as a "4-wheel vehicle". A tractor and a ferrari are essentially the same thing, if one looks at it as an economist ;)Sure there is likely a "bubble" in some degrees, but there's probably several reasons for this bubble in those degrees. But there's probably a "bubble" in some degrees all the time, since ploepe make decisions on past performance of a field. I'd say that besides the gov subsidies, the real issue we are observing is the channeling of such subsidies to particular degree-school combinations: state school liberal art degrees. We also have a demographic issue. The parent's of today's college students were the first generation to go to college on mass. They expect their kids to also go to college, whether they are smart enough to or not. This creates an artificial demand for "college degrees", which funnels ploepe into liberal arts fields at a higher rate, because not everyone is cut out to be an engineer or scientist, but anyone can be a school teacher. Plus this was also the hippie generation, so they probably taught their kids to go study whatever makes them happy. Well math never makes anyone happy. These demographic and preference changes have got to play a role in the increasing costs. In fact, I'd say the costs probably aren't high enough; or the students aren't bearing enough of the costs themselves.
QquSm70ObhC [2013-10-06] California Country--Sorry I forgot to reply: my gmdnara bought the tins in 1950 in Waco--bet you can find some on ebay! Scott--I reckon you could put the mixture in the freezer and stir it every half hour or so. I've never done that but know people that have. Another thing you could do is freeze the cantaloupe chunks and whiz them in the blender with the sugar, spice and just heavy cream. That method should yield you ice cream, too. And the tins were purchased in 1950 by my gmdnara in Waco. Maybe check on ebay. Sara--Love that [spam!] I like that idea of cantaloupe [spam!] a shame. Texacainy--Alcohol doesn't freeze so lots of people put shots of vodka, rum or whatever in ice cream to keep it soft. Give it a try!Nanny--Thank you!The Country Cook--It's a taste of late summer. heather--They should be showing up soon, there all over the NYC farmers markets now. Jessica--Ha! Well then I reckon you should abstain from the salt!Patrice--That sounds beautiful! Their shape is perfect for a bowl! And aren't those tins great? http: //idpupxr. com [url=http: //hoyoolbx. com]hoyoolbx[/url] [link=http: //adbneqd. com]adbneqd[/link]
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hLvZaKHCpU9 [2013-10-04] Apronless--And now you know!Kelly--Ha! It's pretty wnrfeodul in ice cream!Paige--It's been a good year for melons down here in NYC as well. Melissa--Now doesn't that beat all--I've never heard of a cat eating [spam!] have to try that! And I can't imagine how good the air must smell in Pecos! [spam!] very welcome! I bet it would be good with buttermilk, too!Kitten with a whisk-Hope he enjoys it!Celeste--It may just be a Southern thing.Janus--Some people don't like it. Heather--Yep, it's perfect for the dog [spam!] like freshly picked melons from the garden!Brneda--It's a very pretty combination, that light orange fruit with the white ice cream.Screwed Up Texan--Hope you enjoy it! Frankie--You're very welcome. And enjoy your ice cream maker--I've loved mine!Sarah--You've never had cantaloupe ice cream? Well, now's the time to correct that!Burkie--I never thought of that--though I did suspect it was some sort of pesticide that made me react that way. [spam!] a beautiful color, I agree!Lydia--Yep, time to remedy that fast indeed!Brenda--If you grew up in Pecos you have every right to be a cantaloupe snob! And why are the growing so few these days? It's a shame. Lora--Thank you!Jessica--Your cantaloupes have probably either come from Pecos or the Valley. Look at the sticker and it should tell you its origin. And salt on melons helps bring out the flavor and, strangely enough, makes them sweeter. I love the combination!No Melon for Me--So sorry to hear you're allergic, though have you tried organic melons? I find it's pesticides I'm sensitive to, not the fruit. MaryAnn--They do make a perfect bowl, don't they!Joycee--I miss my HEB as well. Central Market is one of my all-time favorite stores ever!Ime0045--If you're not a fan of ginger, feel free to not use it, I don't think it will affect that ice cream at all.Crystal--Your welcome! It's definitely ice cream season!
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