Best Of The Bee Gees, Vol. 2

Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
1973-07 CD / 1 szt. brak danych Składanka 57:21 brak danych rock
1. Wouldn't I Be Someone 05:30    
2. I.O.I.O. 02:57    
3. My World 04:18    
4. Saved By the Bell 03:05    
5. Don't Forget to Remember 03:28    
6. And the Sun Will Shine 03:34    
7. Run to Me 03:10    
8. Man for All Seasons 02:58    
9. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? 03:57    
10. Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself 05:25    
11. Melody Fair 03:48    
12. Let There Be Love 03:32    
13. Lonely Days 03:46    
14. Morning of My Life (In the Morning) 03:53    
15. Alive 04:00    
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fZPFkrLq [2012-06-06] pytsij
cdiSnaYwM [2012-06-06] I love this song, it seems to be a love it or hate it song, personally I think, what's not to like. I deifnitely was reminded of the Bee Gees when I first heard it, I've always enjoyed them. I turn into a ms. bobble head everytime I listen to it driving down the road with it cranked of course. Please email me the link to download this gem. Much thanks and appreciation.
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