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1999-03-23 CD / 1 szt. brak danych Inne 41:23 brak danych rock
1. Metroland Theme [instrumental] 02:28    
2. Annick 03:00    
3. Tous Les GarÁons et Les Filles 03:06    
4. Brats 02:39    
5. Blues Clair 03:02    
6. Down Day 01:50    
7. A Walk in Paris 01:36    
8. She's Gone 01:28    
9. Minor Swing      
10. Peaches 04:04    
11. Sultans of Swing 05:45    
12. So You Win Again 04:22    
13. Alison 03:23    
14. Metroland 04:40    
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